A Cohort: White Privilege and Wealth Privilege…A Transformational Cohort for White Women

We are at a critical sociopolitical moment. While Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) have been aware that racial inequities continue to exist, it’s been easy for us white people to “coast”, thinking that we are in a post-racial society. That is clearly not the case. Having wealth privilege in addition to white privilege adds another layer of complexity.

Phila Engaged Giving is partnering with Leading from the Heart to offer a cohort for white women of wealth to reflect on the intersection of white and wealth privilege. The goal of this reflection is informed action. In this program you will:

LEARN about racial injustice and white supremacy and how they shape us; build our ability to recognize and interrupt their manifestations within ourselves, our relationships, and our institutions;

REFLECT on your relationship to whiteness and wealth privilege;

PRACTICE being “comfortable with discomfort”, responding to feedback, and engaging in challenging, authentic conversations from a grounded, centered place;

CONNECT with others who are on the same journey;

ACT on your awareness and reflections to work for racial healing and justice in your personal philanthropy and beyond.

Sessions will involve a mixture of readings, videos, discussions and require homework in between sessions. You will also be able to have 1:1 coaching. 

*For purposes of this cohort, we are defining wealth as net assets of $3 million or more

It is impossible to articulate how grateful I am to be in this cohort. In this cohort, I have had the chance to reach for integrity and relationship with other wealthy white women. And this reaching has brought the life-changing opportunity to be in a reparations project with a group of Black women. I consider the community this all has created to be a true home for how I am living into antiracism.”

Candace Tkachuck


Sessions will begin sometime in August, depending on people’s schedules. We will start with a three-hour virtual session (with breaks!) and then meet for 2 hours each following session.  evening, depending on the schedule of participants. 


$650 per person (maximum of 8 in the cohort). A large portion of the fee will support BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) led efforts.

Note: This program is best suited for people who are ready to challenge themselves. The space is meant to be both safe and rigorous to spark deep transformation. 

used to think that taking two-day ‘power and privilege’ workshops, reading the latest book about racism, and volunteering for the diversity committees at my children’s school meant I was not racist.

The truth is, I cannot read my way out of being socialized to whiteness. I cannot workshop my way out of the harm that centuries of brutality and colonialism have wrought on the Global Majority and on white people! However, just like I practice other routines in my life, I can establish and commit to an embodied, anti-racist practice that points me toward liberation, for myself and everyone else. 

LeAnne Moss (Leading from the Heart) continues to guide me into deeper and deeper revelation, within a community of white peers who are also committed to building the muscle it takes to remain in practice. With the support of my white cohort, I am now able to reach out across race and deepen into loving relationships, including with other white people!” Christine Larsen


Facilitator Biography

Portrait of LeAnne Moss

LeAnne Moss

LeAnne Moss is the founder of Leading from the Heart and is also the Executive Director of the Renton Regional Community Foundation. She has been challenging her own racism and reflecting on her whiteness for many years. Since embarking on this journey, LeAnne has co-facilitated interracial dialogues and white caucuses in partnership with Dr. Robin DiAngelo, Victoria Santos, and Natasha Aruliah, and she has facilitated white/wealth cohorts for nearly three years. She has had vast training in this area, including the People’s Institute Undoing Institutional Racism, the Interaction Institute for Social Change, and multiple workshops, trainings, and coaching by a number of local and national leaders.

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